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X3LL3N's News

Posted by X3LL3N - June 25th, 2020

I didn't think this would ever happen, but it did !

I started making music and posting them on Newgrounds on July 2018. 1 year later, on the 31st of August 2019, I reached 100 Fans. And today, another year later, I've reached 200 Fans on the website !

(That's pretty big for someone who joined the audio portal in recent years)

I'd like to thank all of you once again for your support ! It's already been a while since I've joined this website, I've met lots of wonderful people and artists and I'm glad some of them enjoy the content I provide :)

I don't think it will happen since it gets harder and harder to get followers, but hey, my next goal is 300 followers for the Summer of 2021 ^^

Special thanks to the people who helped me until now, specially Froej, Trickshot, Astedroid and Aerin.

Little shoutout to MVKuta. He only has 25 followers as of today, but he's a great producer !

I'll release an EP soon, along with some old projects. I also might start doing other shoutouts in the future :D

If you'd like to, you can support me here :)

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/x3ll3n

Newgrounds : https://x3ll3n.newgrounds.com/

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP7YVa81D4B0oZ2ypDzGGeg

Fiverr : https://www.fiverr.com/x3ll3n

Discord : X3LL3N#5769 (not to support, but to contact me lol)



Posted by X3LL3N - June 5th, 2020

Video edited by TrickshotMusic :


Hi guys ! The contest results are finally here :D

Huge thanks to everyone who joined, hosting this was a really fun experience.

I only showed the top 10 because I wanted to be fair and respect the people who made entries that are lower on the list.

Congratulations to Mestrix for winning ^^

You can DM me on Discord to claim your price, the people that didn't get in top 3 can get Elation Acapellas vol°1 or Cymatics Ambient Recordings as a consolation prize.

So yeah, thanks to Mestrix, Astedroid, Kyutatsuki, Trickshot, Cian Banks, Aerin, StormBlastXL, Lucayri, Froej, Jinz, Vortonox, FuzeNG, JoeniNPCGamer, Sairk, Veno, FanShuu, Snowqube, H Lazer, Alien, Layver, JordanKyser, TimeShockGD, Roderick 2004, GJAP, BioHexagon, TheOnlyShyGuy, Kotorisan, Sapphiresnake, Leruo, Dirty Platypus and DDCDev for participating.

I would also like to honour the people that didn't finish their entries in time or gave up : Rutra, RUD, Stavensuniverse, DJ Popular Nation Ardolf, TobeyBeats, No N4me, Kaoikay and Mardi.

If you missed the contest and would like to remix it some day, you can still find the Stems and Midis here :


I hope you have a good day :^)

Support me !

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/x3ll3n

Newgrounds : https://x3ll3n.newgrounds.com/

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP7YVa81D4B0oZ2ypDzGGeg

Fiverr : https://www.fiverr.com/x3ll3n

Discord : X3LL3N#5769



Posted by X3LL3N - May 17th, 2020

Hey there !

I'm glad many contestants joined my contest and I'd like to thank everyone of you for participating ^^

I want to add some more details about how I'm gonna organize the whole thing :

  • I pushed the deadline from the 20th of May to the 27th since multiple people asked.

  • Starting the 27th, I'm gonna judge the entries and after that, we'll be making the results video.

  • GDTrickshot will make the results video where we will be showcasing the best entries (with the leaderboard on the left, similar to his own contest results video)

  • I'll make a tierlist which I'll post on my Newgrounds page because why not x)

Some more informations :

  • You have the right to make your remix after the contest ended and you are allowed to monetize it / send it to promotion channels (I see you RUD and Mestrix)

  • You are allowed to upload it on any platforms (Spotify, Youtube, Newgrounds, Soundcloud...)

  • I'll give a consolation prize for the people that didn't win (an accapella pack or a sample pack I guess)

But anyways, I hope you'll have fun, and once again, thank you all :D



Posted by X3LL3N - April 13th, 2020

Hi guys, I'm hosting a remix contest on my track called "Higher" !

The remix packs includes STEMS and Midis you'll need to make your remix, and various informations (including some you'll need to put in the description of your remix).

But I know what's really interesting for you are the *Prizes*, so what are they ?

1st gets a Collab (if he wants) + 3 Sample Packs from the list

2nd gets 2 sample packs from the list

3rd gets a sample pack from the list

If I liked your entry, I'll also follow you :)

The list of sample packs is included in the STEMS pack, trust me, they are reaaaaally good !

I'll announce the results and winners in a video made by my friend GDTrickshot

(There'll be a consolation prize, being Elation Acapellas vol°1 or Cymatics Ambient Recordings)

If you're interested, here's the original :


And here's the STEMS download link :


The contest ends on the 20th of May, you can send it through Discord DMs, Newgrounds, Soundcloud or Youtube. Good luck to you all !

(The original is in Ab major and 128 bpm)



Posted by X3LL3N - April 10th, 2020

Hey there !

Since it's quarantine, I've got a lot of time to make music, also I released 2 remixes.

The one I posted today (Me Without You) is my absolute best project so far. I think you should check it out !

(My April Fools audio is my most popular of the year, we gotta change that lmao)

I'll post other new musics soon and I'm working on some free FLPs for you guys right now ^^

By the way, we recently reached 500 total subs ! (Soundcloud, Newgrounds and Youtube) so I decided to host a remix contest of my track called "Higher" very soon :)

I'm still thinking of what prizes to offer at the moment but I'll give an update on the contest once I'm done with the stems.

Once again, I thank you all for your continuous support :D


Posted by X3LL3N - March 18th, 2020

Hey there !

I recently posted a wip for my remix of Chaoz Fantasy by ParagonX9. I updated it to the full version yesterday !

Some friends insisted that I should talk about it in the front page, so here I go ^^

I feel like it's actually a pretty good remix (maybe on of the bests) so you guys should like it :D

You can check it here :





Posted by X3LL3N - January 31st, 2020

Welp, that was fast xD

Seems I was able to reach this goal sooner than expected (rip frontpage post lmao)

But hey, I'm really glad I was able to get that many followers, not to long ago I had less fans than here, and now it's the opposite.

I still really want to thank all of you guys for the support, any ideas on something I should do ? Like a remix contest or something ?



Posted by X3LL3N - January 24th, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to say that I now am a totally 100% legit adult ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The following statement is technically true but it's still a joke (or is it ?!)

I can now legally drink bear and go to the hookers lmao

Don't worry, I'll keep being the same dumbass as ever, for the next decade at the very least !

Thanks for all the support you gave me since 2018 :D




Posted by X3LL3N - October 9th, 2019

Hey there !

So basically, as some of you may have noticed, I improved a lot in the last couple of monthes.

But now I have a problem, and I'd like to ask for your answer.

As a music producer, I start lots of stuff everyday. Some of my projects sound cool and I decide that I'll finish them later.

But overtime, I keep improving and there's a gap between my recent uploaded content and these projects that have yet to be finished.

So I was wondering : should I actually finish and upload them (even with the difference of skills) ? I really like some of them and would like to share them with you guys.

So what I'm thinking about is that I would release those as "Newgrounds Exclusive" and put something like "Old" in the title.

What do you think about that ?



Posted by X3LL3N - October 2nd, 2019

Hey everyone, it seems like we reached another achievement !

1 month ago, I reached 100 fans on Newgrounds, and this time, I reached 100 fans on Soundcloud :D

It feels really good to be recognized as an actual producer by all of you guys, some may say that it's not that much, but for me it's still pretty big.

So I want to thank all of you who supported me since I started producing music, I appreciate your support a lot !

Also, special thanks to GDTrickshot, Froej and Another-Time (Aerin) for helping me improve all the way 'till where I am :)

For those who are interested in following me, here are my links :

X3ll3n :

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/x3ll3n

Newgrounds : https://x3ll3n.newgrounds.com/

Youtube : www.youtube.com/channel/UCP7YVa81D4B0oZ2ypDzGGeg