Discord : X3LL3N#5769
I'm a novice music producer.
Feel free to use any of my musics (but credit me though)
I hope we'll get along !

Gabriel @X3LL3N

Age 21, Male

I like to do stuff

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What's up guys,

This year is my 5th anniversary on Newgrounds. Time went by real quick, that's for sure !

Every Summer, I try to make a post relating my projects, my achievements, and what I've been up to overall. You can think of it some sort of retrospective.

I didn't have the time to do it this summer, so I postponed it, but then I got lazy. I promised myself I'd do it after Madness Day's results were out, and holy shit was that perfect timing.

Anyway, here's some of the stuff that's been happening :

  • I started self-releasing some of my songs on Spotify and other platforms (and will do so occasionally).
  • Me and the boys have made the Yiff collab, a sequel to the glorious shitpost that was the Penis collab for April Fools.
  • The very next day, on April 2nd, I reached 500 followers on Newgrounds (very cool).
  • Then I released my song Radiance, a follow-up of my song Wonderland, which I consider one of my best songs. It somehow got a little bit of popularity because a big DIY fursuit cosplay tutorial youtuber kept using the song.
  • I got to judge this year's AIM and NGADM events (the latter is still ingoing).
  • I placed 19th out of 445 contestants in this year's NGUAC, a bit below last year's 17th/442, but still great !
  • I entered the Dreamcast collab as a producer and made a song for this animation by @Liquorice
  • I am getting a shared DLC with my friend @debisco for a VR game called "Box to the Beat", which is a great opportunity.

I'm separating the last achievement from the rest because it's the newest and the coolest to date.

Last year, I participated in Madness Day with my song Madness 2022. I placed 7th and got featured among the 8 winners.

It was a first for me. I also got 20$ from Krinkels, which was the first time I ever got paid for my music. It wasn't much, but it meant a lot.

This year, I wanted to do better, I wanted to try repeating the dream !

With a messy schedule and almost no time left, it would be tough, but it was worth a try...

I decided to collaborate with my friend @Benji-G on our collaboration for Madness Day, which I've called Mayhem.

It's an electronic track inspired by last year's entry, but darker and incorporating both cyberpunk and dnb elements.

The clock was ticking, the tension was rising, Benji had just stopped playing League of Legends at 3 am to add the final elements to the song... and at 4am, a single hour before the deadline, it was done. We had finished just in time.

While the song wasn't frontpaged at first, it did get a decent amount of listens overtime. The impressive thing however, was that it kept a score of 4.9 while close to 30 votes, which was the best ratio both me and Benji had ever reached.

Eventually, this happened.


But the very next day, I receive a particular message from Benji that turned this bitter-feeling comment into comedy gold.

We had won Madness Day... But not one of the last spots like I did the year before, not the 4th spot which we were aiming for, the First place !

This is my first time actually winning a contest and I'm glad it was my first collab with you Benji, let's do this again in the future ^^


Huge thanks to @Krinkels and his team for hosting this amazing contest, and big thanks to @ld-w for the frontpage.

Anyway, this was the annual thingie, see y'all next year I guess !

(also, f- you @singpiano, you deserve it man).


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Available for Work

EDM Music Producer at your service :)

What's up fellow Newgrounders, my name is X3ll3n. I'm a self-taught french music producer with 4 years of experience.

The reason I'm posting here is because I'm looking to make some money from my passion (and afford NG Supporter).

I don't have a price in mind, but I'm definitely on the cheaper end as I don't have much experience when compared to other artists.

I mainly produce :

  • Progressive House
  • UK/Happy Hardcore
  • Future Bounce
  • Future Bass
  • Techno Hands Up
  • Tropical House

I can do co-production / ghost-production for you (whether it is just a drop or a full-length song).

I could try imitating certain artists if necessary. If you already have a basis for your song (melody, structure, etc...), it will be even cheaper.

If you want music for your games or animations, I'd advise commissioning another artist as I don't think I'd be up to the task (but hey, if you want to try your luck, I guess it's worth the shot).

Anyway, I hope you find the right person for your project here on Newgrounds. Have a good day !

- X3ll3n