Discord : X3LL3N#5769
I'm a novice music producer.
Feel free to use any of my musics (but credit me though)
I hope we'll get along !

Gabriel @X3LL3N

Age 21, Male

I like to do stuff

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Latest News


Hey guys, it's time for the annual update !

It's been a bit over 4 years since I joined Newgrounds and started making music.

Let's make a quick recap of what I've achieved here over the years :

  • August 31st 2019 : 100 fans
  • June 25th 2020 : 200 fans
  • July 12th 2020 : Musics usable in Geometry Dash.
  • September 10th 2021 : 300 fans
  • September 1st 2022 : 400 fans
  • Followed by TMM43 (Early June 2020) and Krinkels (Early 2021 ?)

This is definitely gonna be the last year I get 100 new followers :^)

Since the end of last year, I started involving myself a lot more within the community.

I joined the NG Audio Pub discord server and met many great artists, I also joined the NG Podcast server in which I made this year's Tom Fulp Disstrack while in VC (Also, fuck you @SingPiano, I do not sound like xQC).

I also started taking part in community events :

I am judging this year's NGADM and am also one of the Final 35 contestants in this year's NGUAC (along with my friend Rocket Start).

I am also gonna participate in this year's secret santa event for sure, just like last year.

We're already 3/4 into the year, time sure flies. While I didn't grow that much in terms of production skills, I like to think I was able to grow as a person thanks to all the people I met.

I hope that by the time I reach my 5th year on Newgrounds, I'll have managed to perfect my production skills, expanded my horizons by learning new genres, but also collaborated with many Newgrounds artists (Prepare your ass @Benji-G).

Obviously, I hope Tom Fulp will follow me back then. The grind never ends ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So yeah, to wrap it up, I'd like to thank everyone who have been following me so far. It's thanks to you that I keep on doing my best doing what I enjoy the most, music :)

Expect many new original tracks from me !

Yours truly, Mr. "Frenchman" X3ll3n



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Available for Work

EDM Music Producer at your service :)

What's up fellow Newgrounders, my name is X3ll3n. I'm a self-taught french music producer with 4 years of experience.

The reason I'm posting here is because I'm looking to make some money from my passion (and afford NG Supporter).

I don't have a price in mind, but I'm definitely on the cheaper end as I don't have much experience when compared to other artists.

I mainly produce :

  • Progressive House
  • UK/Happy Hardcore
  • Future Bounce
  • Future Bass
  • Techno Hands Up
  • Tropical House

I can do co-production / ghost-production for you (whether it is just a drop or a full-length song).

I could try imitating certain artists if necessary. If you already have a basis for your song (melody, structure, etc...), it will be even cheaper.

If you want music for your games or animations, I'd advise commissioning another artist as I don't think I'd be up to the task (but hey, if you want to try your luck, I guess it's worth the shot).

Anyway, I hope you find the right person for your project here on Newgrounds. Have a good day !

- X3ll3n