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X3LL3N's News

Posted by X3LL3N - April 1st, 2023

Hey guys,

If you know me, you know there are 2 things I love more than anything else in life : collaborations and shitposting.

So when I noticed April Fools was coming fast, I knew what I had to do.

I carefully assembled an elite team of Newgrounders to help me work on the song in VC at the last minute, much like its legendary predecessor (in typical X3ll3n fashion).

This masterpiece shall continue the legacy of the Newgrounds Penis Collab 2022 and the Tom Fulp Disstrack, possibly reach even greater heights in Newgrounds' collective minds.

This song is more focused on storytelling than memes this time, but hey, gotta try new stuff every now and then.

With that said, I hope you'll enjoy it, we put our hearts into it, we shed sweat, blood and tears, but ultimately :

It was worth it.

Therefore I hope you'll enjoy it, link down below !





Posted by X3LL3N - September 1st, 2022

Hey guys, it's time for the annual update !

It's been a bit over 4 years since I joined Newgrounds and started making music.

Let's make a quick recap of what I've achieved here over the years :

  • August 31st 2019 : 100 fans
  • June 25th 2020 : 200 fans
  • July 12th 2020 : Musics usable in Geometry Dash.
  • September 10th 2021 : 300 fans
  • September 1st 2022 : 400 fans
  • Followed by TMM43 (Early June 2020) and Krinkels (Early 2021 ?)

This is definitely gonna be the last year I get 100 new followers :^)

Since the end of last year, I started involving myself a lot more within the community.

I joined the NG Audio Pub discord server and met many great artists, I also joined the NG Podcast server in which I made this year's Tom Fulp Disstrack while in VC (Also, fuck you @SingPiano, I do not sound like xQC).

I also started taking part in community events :

I am judging this year's NGADM and am also one of the Final 35 contestants in this year's NGUAC (along with my friend Rocket Start).

I am also gonna participate in this year's secret santa event for sure, just like last year.

We're already 3/4 into the year, time sure flies. While I didn't grow that much in terms of production skills, I like to think I was able to grow as a person thanks to all the people I met.

I hope that by the time I reach my 5th year on Newgrounds, I'll have managed to perfect my production skills, expanded my horizons by learning new genres, but also collaborated with many Newgrounds artists (Prepare your ass @Benji-G).

Obviously, I hope Tom Fulp will follow me back then. The grind never ends ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So yeah, to wrap it up, I'd like to thank everyone who have been following me so far. It's thanks to you that I keep on doing my best doing what I enjoy the most, music :)

Expect many new original tracks from me !

Yours truly, Mr. "Frenchman" X3ll3n




Posted by X3LL3N - June 25th, 2022

Hey there guys !

I've been working on many songs in the past few months. Most of them aren't ready for release, but I was able to have a couple prepared.

I rarely make original tracks, but this summer, you can expect the following :

  • June 26th : Original Future Bass song [Velocity Release]

  • July 1st : UK Hardcore collaboration with @Astedroid [Velocity Release]

  • August 5th : Original Melodic House song [NomiaTunes Release]

Presave this one : https://push.fm/ps/nomiatunes-colorful

Those are the confirmed ones you'll definitely see this summer, although I do have a couple more tracks I'm trying to sign :)

[P.S. Would be cool if some of them got frontpaged, especially the first one]

Also, I just bought a new laptop, therefore I'll be able to make music during my holidays ! My friend @TrickshotMusic will try to teach me Colour Bass :D

One last thing, I'm a judge in this year's NGADM, very epic.

That's all for now, have a good day !

X3ll3n :

Newgrounds : https://x3ll3n.newgrounds.com/

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/x3ll3n

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP7YVa81D4B0oZ2ypDzGGeg

Other Platforms (Instagram, Audius...) : https://linktr.ee/x3ll3n



Posted by X3LL3N - January 23rd, 2022

Sup' guys, it's me, the birthday dude !

I just noticed we're the 24th, and realised I missed the deadline for Pixel Day (but hey, at least I didn't miss my own birthday this time).

I wanted to make a song for both Pixel Day and my Birthday, but I eventually forgot about it. So instead, I decided to share some infos on what I've been doing for a while !

Music : Learning new genres

If you talk to me on Discord, you might be aware that I've been trying to improve as a producer over the past few months. I feel like everyone else is improving except me, which is extremely frustrated as I feel left behind.

So for the past few months, I tried going out of my comfort zone and tried some new genres.

  • Melodic Dubstep : The Quest of the Perfect Stack

If you know me well, you're probably aware I absolutely love melodic dubstep.

There's many different types of Melo-Dub : bass-focused, stack-focused, incorportaing color basses, the Mestrix kind...

I love all of them (but Roy Knox, Skybreak and Alesda hit different).

Basic Melodic Dubstep seems to be a reachable goal for me (unlike other Dubstep-related genres) so I've been slowly but surely getting the hang of it.

I received some advices from Jarrix and @MestrixMusic, which I thank a lot.

  • Future Bass : The Wub one

Haters will say it's just melodic dubstep without the growls, and I will say they are not completely wrong.

There's many type of future bass songs, but the one I'm going for is similar to PatFromLastYear and Nurko.

So far I've gotten some pretty good attemps at it :)

  • Future Bounce : The long-time coming

I like Future Bounce a lot. There's a lot of cool ID's and remixes I've never shared but will eventually post on my second alias). The main problem is that my leads and mixing usually sucks.

Some days ago, I've made a pretty cool track which reminds me of old Retrovision a little bit. I will work on it with @Astedroid so stay tuned !

It also reminds @Rodsyk of Sam Ourt somehow. Check out Rodsyk, he's a pretty cool and talented dude !

  • UK Hardcore : Because Speedcore was just too hard

It's the 3rd time it happened since I've started making music, but I fell down the rabbithole once again.

I'll be honest with you : I think I'm already pretty decent at it ! It's a pretty beginner-friendly genre on a basic level.

Once I'm able to finish an entire song (I suck at structuring songs, except for drops), you can expect a couple of those on my channel.

I will also try learning Rythm Game Hardcore / Speedcore, but don't get your hopes up.

My guy @Astedroid will probably help me with that since he gets the hang of it.

  • Colour Bass : The unexpected and painful one

You know me : I suck at Dubstep. It got me into music production, i always wanted to learn to make it, but I just can't.

Just like UK Hardcore, I've tried getting the hang of it and my friend @TrickshotMusic showed me a couple of cool tricks.

I'll probably give it a serious try, but I first need to understand basic Dubstep.

Let's hope @Hookington and @Froej keep giving me some tips. Cool peeps, check them out !

  • Dark Progressive House : What do you mean it doesn't need chords ?!

The final one I can think of at the moment. It's pretty hard to make but I'm going for a Revealed type of vibe.

I think Bertuss has made a tutorial which sounds pretty much like what I'm going for if you're curious.

It's quite hard for me to learn because it's quite different from the Progressive House I usually do, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere.

What else ?

  1. You can probably expect a Future Bass EP in the near future.
  2. Two Original Tracks (One needs a better drop snare and I'm currently looking for a vocalist for the second one [which is hard when you can't afford one]) Those have been done for months but I just want to make them a bit better.
  3. A guaranteed Melodic House EP with @MestrixMusic (Already 3 solid ideas I sent over to him).
  4. A reboot of one of @TMM43's classics (once I'm finally able to finish working on it). I swear I'm not procrastinating, it's just hard.
  5. A bunch of collabs with some good friends.
  6. Potentially some 2019 songs of mine on my second alias which I've talked about earlier. Trust me, they are pretty good and I just forgot about releasing them.

So is it just Music Stuff then ?

Nope !

The past year, I've browsed the art portal almost everyday, talented artists like @Bacun (probably my favorite on Newgrounds) made me want to learn digital drawing even more than before.

I've been learning various softwares (Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, Clip Studio) for some time now, here's what I'm planning to do :

  • Painted and Semi-Realistic Landscapes (Concept Artist ?).

I just love those, it's pretty hard to understand at first but i think I'll get the hang of it :)

  • Vector Arts

I already understand it, just gotta better my "compositions" if that makes sense

  • GFX

Logos, Banners, that could be neat

  • Finally, Characters

The reason I put this one at the end is because it will take a very long time to learn. I'm starting from nothing and am currently going through what I call "the painful part" : Anatomy.

I basically have to start learning from scratch which is gonna be hard af, but I'll try my best.

I'd like to learn Anime, Chibi and Semi Realistic styles first, and then slowly develop my own style. I love stylized designs, which is probably why i like Bacun's art so much

What about Newgrounds ?

I might participate in a few contests this year. I think I'll give AIM (Art Inspired Music contest) a try, probably NGADM and NGUAC too if I have time.

I'd also like to host my very own Newgrounds Megacollab, might be hard though.

That's all for now. Props to you if you've read this far. This literally took me over 1 hour to write xD

As a token of appreciation, I will sharing some of the musics I've been working on to you guys.

Just leave a comment with which of the stuff you're curious about :)

You can also ask me anything you want.

Have a good day !

- X3ll3n

P.S. I've linked the people I've talked about throughout the post, don't hesitate checking them out



Posted by X3LL3N - January 5th, 2022

Boys oh boys, we've come a long way since I first joined Newgrounds.

I grew up playing flash games on the website as a young kid, yet it wouldn't be until 2018 that I make my account.

On the 17th of July 2018, I touched FL Studio for the first time. I was on holidays without any wifi and only had a bunch of previously downloaded tutorials.

2 days later, I post my very first song called "Hypercymatics". It was bad, real bad. An incoherent mess of cymatics loop with no structure whatsoever. Yet it's where it all started.

Overtime, I started improving, posting various songs and remixes. It was paying off :

  • August 31st 2019 : Only a year later, BOOM ! 100 fans
  • June 25th 2020 : After two years, BOOM ! 200 fans
  • July 12th 2020 : My music is usable in Geometry Dash.
  • September 10th 2021 : After a bit over three years (time sure flies ahah), I unexpectedly hit 300 fans

Not only that, but I got noticed by some people who seemed out of reach when I was younger, like TMM43 (Classic NG producer) and Krinkels (the Madness animation guy).

I met many amazing people, some of whom I became good friends with. I learnt a lot and gained a little bit of self confidence.

I really want to thank you all for your support over the years. Specially the ones who have stuck with me since the beginning of this little adventure. It really means a lot to me.

Now, I'd like to talk about my goals in the website for 2022 :

  • First of all, I would like to reach 400 fans on Newgrounds. This is going to be hard, but sometimes you need to set yourself high objectives. It would also be pretty cool to be noticed by our lord and saviour Tom Fulp
  • Learn new genres, like Complextro, Future Bounce, Melodic Dubstep, Speedcore...
  • Join a couple of Newgrounds events (NGUAC, NGADM, AIM...), host a remix contest and potentially organise a megacollab (an idea I've had for a while)
  • Work on a few collaborative projects, a solo EP, finish a bunch of my tracks, start posting on Spotify, work on my sideproject (DarenX, where I'll rework some of my old abandonned projects)...

As a closing statement, I would like to encourage you to give music production a try if you're interested in it. It's much more straightforward to learn than it seems. I'm not very talented, but I've finally found something I would like to do professionally if I ever have the occasion (along with digital drawing, but it's much harder for me to learn).

And if you already make music, there's a Discord server for Newgrounds artists :)

I hope you have a great day, huge thanks to @Astedroid, @TrickshotMusic, @Froej, @theRUD, @Fumijena and @MestrixMusic for being amazing friends.



Posted by X3LL3N - March 31st, 2021

I know, Fumi and RUD already said it a couple of minutes ago, but since I have a bigger following than them on Newgrounds, I must also share it :)

I've met RUD in 2018, I was the guy who scouted him on his now deleted profile RUD1 (he wanted to change name lol).

I really liked his tracks, started coming to his streams and we naturally became friends (along with one of his other viewers, Fumijena).

So basically, for a couple of months now, both me and Fumi knew about the secret collab RUD had with Elektronomia.

We did hype it up a bit, but we never said what the secret project really was... until now !

As it turns out, the announcement finally came. Our fellow producer's collab with Elektronomia will come out on NCS on the 29th of April !

I knew we had some NCS producers on Newgrounds, like DJKadenza or Deaf Kev, but it's always a surprise to see someone from your community getting into a nearly 30 millions subscribers channel, specially when that person is one of your close friends.

I am so glad I was able to meet RUD (and Fumijena), it's always fun to chat with them :D

So yeah, that it ; let's wish all the best to him ! ^^

Follow RUD there :

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJmJDPPiCXyRz3iO2TLa87Q

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/rudnorway

Newgrounds (obviously) : https://therud.newgrounds.com/

Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/artist/6IJyibMKpIZOeGR8FlxzBb



Posted by X3LL3N - January 24th, 2021

What's up people, long time no see !

I didn't have the time to do an update in a while since, as we all know, 2020 has been a pretty shitty year in many ways.

So here I will tell you about some news, future projects, and more.

Let's start with my goal for 2021 : Reach 300 followers on Newgrounds !

I originally hoped to get to that goal by the month of July (I reached both 100 and 200 followers during summer 2019 and 2020). Due to my inactivity, the lack of uploads and the fact that I'm not uploading some of my tracks as I feel they are not good enough, I hope to get close to it by the end of the year if I get lucky :)

I also have 2 other goals but they don't seem as "easy" : Get my first featured track in the audio portal and getting noticed by our lord and saviour : Tom Fulp

Well I did get noticed by Krinkels so I guess there's a chance lol.

I plan to make a couple of new shoutouts for music producers. I already have a list with a bunch of talented unknown people from the platform so you can expect one soon. They won't be monthly as I am pretty busy with college though.

Now, let's talk about upcoming projects !

I have a bunch of tracks and remixes done or currently on the works (but I'm not releasing them as I think I can improve them).

One of these is a collaboration with my friend RUD. We plan to make it in either Magic Music or NomiaTunes.

It seems his profile was deleted of Newgrounds recently for some reason, we'll check onto it.

This year will also be the year when I finally build myself a good computer. Up until now, I used a laptop for music, but since I'll buy some equipement with my economies from the past 2 years, you can expect some streams from myself ^^

Last but not least, I'm thinking of using my second alias, "DarenX" soon, but I'm not sure for what exactly. I'm hesitating between :

  • More high-quality stuff
  • Simple OST remixes
  • Gaming

I would like to thank you all for your support. I've started my music carreer here on Newgrounds for nearly 3 years, met a lot of amazing people and artists, including some who became good friends of mine.

I am someone who lacks self-confidence and isn't really good at communicating with people, but I believe I got better at it after I joined the community. So once again, thank you all very much ^^



Posted by X3LL3N - September 6th, 2020

Hey there, X3ll3n here.

If you talk to me on Discord, you probably know I had 20/30 WIPs including 10 nearly finished. Those were mostly Remixes, but also some Original tracks and a couple of VIPs. Those were all way better than anything you've heard from me before.

I had a problem with one of the plugins this week (VPS Avenger) which kept asking me to reload it.

I reinstalled it and for some reason, whenever I open one of my projects that included this plugin, FL Studio freezes and then crashes.

The plugin itself was cracked since I couldn't afford it. I will buy it when it's on sale with the 2 expansions I used (220/320 euros in total).

I hope this will be enough to fix the FLPs, but I fear it might not. We'll see.

Anyway, I decided to show you a couple of these "Summer Projects". I didn't want it to be too long so I decided to stick to these 14 tracks. You can check them out here : https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/962528


Posted by X3LL3N - August 1st, 2020

Hey there !

In the month of June, TMM43 came across one of my tracks and asked me if I would like to collaborate with him on something. (Obviously, I couldn't refuse that lol)

The thing is, none of us had inspiration for a new track, so we decided to remix his classic track "Ultimate Destruction".

But one question hasn't been answered yet : What style should we do ?

  • TMM43 hasn't made a lot of music in recent years and produces Trance music, meanwhile, I can only work on recent genres of EDM like House or Bounce music.

  • Should we focus on one style of music or mix both ? Also, should the remix be close to the original or should we experiment on it ?

I wanted yo ask your opinion on it.

Also, little change :

In the last few weeks, I've improved a lot, and it made me realise that my EP is actually not that good anymore.

Also, I took a decision. I decided to cancel it.

Some of the tracks that were part of it should still come out, but most of them will be really different from what they first were. I will collaborate with friends for some of them as well.

One last thing : I will do my "Monthly Shoutouts" in 2 weeks, so stay tuned :)

Anyway, that's all I had to say for now, thank you for reading and I hope you have a good day ! ^^

(expect a shitload of remixes once I'm back from vacations lol)



Posted by X3LL3N - July 22nd, 2020

Hey there, long time no see !

Summer is that part of the year, when I'm stuck in Portugal, with nearly no Internet, dying due to the heat, suffering in silence...

But hopefully, it's also in that part of the year that the Newgrounds Underdogs Audio Contest happens !

If you've been following me for a while, you might know I didn't have much hope of getting in last year, and I was right : I got utterly destroyed ! (I didn't even pass the Tryouts).

But since last year, I've improved a lot ! I want to believe that I'll make it in this time, I must, this is my duty !

This will however not be an easy task since I'll definitely end up in the "All Star" category (due to the fact that I have over 200 followers on NG).

The fight will be hard, but if I do get in, I'll do my best ! Let's all hope I'm able to at least get in the Knock-Out round this time around !

And for those wondering, I sent this track for the Tryouts :

Wish me good luck ! ^^

PS : RUD, Aerin, Trickshot, if you somehow see this, you should join the fun ^^