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July 2020 Shoutouts !

Posted by X3LL3N - July 10th, 2020

Hey there !

Around 2 weeks ago, I decided I would start making monthly shoutouts to some of my friends and / or artists who have less than 100 subs here on Newgrounds. I'll select between 3 and 5 people each month and link a couple of their tracks.

For now, I will focus on music producers and singers only.

I have a list with 20 artists already, but if you know an unknown / underrated producer in the website, you can tell me about him so I'll check him out ^^

I'm not used to shoutouts, but I'll try my best.

Without further ado, let's see who the chosen ones are :

Artist n°1 : RUD

RUD is a 20 years old producer from Norway. He started uploading his musics on Newgrounds at the end of 2018.

You can hear that his main inspiration is K-391, who some of you probably know for his tracks "Summertime", "This is Felicitas" or more recently, "Ignite".

A couple of monthes ago, RUD started developping his style more and started making some amazing tracks ! Here are some of them :

He was able to get some of his musics in pretty big channels like UXN and Magic Music, but somehow, he only has 36 followers on Newgrounds.

If you like his tracks, you can check him out on Youtube and Twitch where he often streams, he also posts musics on Soundcloud and Spotify ^^

Artist n°2 : MVKUTA

MvKuta may only be 15, but he's a really talented producer. He started producing here on Newgrounds in 2018.

He's a Dubstep producer and mainly makes Riddim / Deathstep. I believe the main reason why he is pretty unknown here is because he doesn't upload very often. He does put a lot of time and effort in his musics and you can clearly hear it. Here, you can check some of the stuff he worked on :

  • Unpublished Submission
  • Unpublished Submission

I wanted to only show musics that are uploaded on Newgrounds, but he has a lot of IDs, so I decided to include a compilation of them ^^


He has a pretty decent following on both Youtube and Soundcloud, including artists like Virtual Riot ! If you like his musics, you can check him there or in Spotify !

Artist n°3 : KLYDIX

I don't know much about Klydix, he was originally not gonna be in this month's shoutout but I decided to put him in anyway.

Klydix's musics so far have been either future bass or future house, with a melodic and kawaii touch.

With his latest music called "Promise", it was clear that one of his main inspiration is Porter Robinson.

What Klydix excels at are his melodies and the ambience in his latest musics. He's developping many skills really fast.

Here are the musics I picked :

Unlike the 2 other producers in this list, Klydix is pretty new to the website and I believe he'll be a pretty big artist in Newgrounds someday.

If you like his musics, you can check him out on Youtube and Soundcloud

That's all for my first wave of shoutouts. I'm sorry if it somehow feels rushed, I wanted to keep it simple and promote some of the artists out there who I believe deserve more recognition on Newgrounds.

In next month's shoutout, you can expect some very talented artists !

I might add some people closer to 100 subs in the following shoutouts unless I find out some new people.

That's all for today, I hope you'll check these artists ^^




Pretty cool idea, pretty cool that you added Cliff into this and thanks for showcasing out song!

That's pretty cool :^)

Thats really cool!