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Birthday Boy Update and Projects

Posted by X3LL3N - January 24th, 2021

What's up people, long time no see !

I didn't have the time to do an update in a while since, as we all know, 2020 has been a pretty shitty year in many ways.

So here I will tell you about some news, future projects, and more.

Let's start with my goal for 2021 : Reach 300 followers on Newgrounds !

I originally hoped to get to that goal by the month of July (I reached both 100 and 200 followers during summer 2019 and 2020). Due to my inactivity, the lack of uploads and the fact that I'm not uploading some of my tracks as I feel they are not good enough, I hope to get close to it by the end of the year if I get lucky :)

I also have 2 other goals but they don't seem as "easy" : Get my first featured track in the audio portal and getting noticed by our lord and saviour : Tom Fulp

Well I did get noticed by Krinkels so I guess there's a chance lol.

I plan to make a couple of new shoutouts for music producers. I already have a list with a bunch of talented unknown people from the platform so you can expect one soon. They won't be monthly as I am pretty busy with college though.

Now, let's talk about upcoming projects !

I have a bunch of tracks and remixes done or currently on the works (but I'm not releasing them as I think I can improve them).

One of these is a collaboration with my friend RUD. We plan to make it in either Magic Music or NomiaTunes.

It seems his profile was deleted of Newgrounds recently for some reason, we'll check onto it.

This year will also be the year when I finally build myself a good computer. Up until now, I used a laptop for music, but since I'll buy some equipement with my economies from the past 2 years, you can expect some streams from myself ^^

Last but not least, I'm thinking of using my second alias, "DarenX" soon, but I'm not sure for what exactly. I'm hesitating between :

  • More high-quality stuff
  • Simple OST remixes
  • Gaming

I would like to thank you all for your support. I've started my music carreer here on Newgrounds for nearly 3 years, met a lot of amazing people and artists, including some who became good friends of mine.

I am someone who lacks self-confidence and isn't really good at communicating with people, but I believe I got better at it after I joined the community. So once again, thank you all very much ^^




Also, about the RUD situation : he didn't realise he could change his username by being a supporter, so he... deleted his profile to make a new one ???
I think it's pretty dumb since he was able to get a little but dedicated following.
So yeah, check him out once he reuploads his stuff ^^ https://therud.newgrounds.com/

Not bad!! I hope you reach the top of your music career and thus be a world-renowned artist!!. You must have confidence in yourself, because not having it will stop you from many things. . I hope you get to the top of your career. Best regards!!