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A little message + My goals for 2022

Posted by X3LL3N - January 5th, 2022

Boys oh boys, we've come a long way since I first joined Newgrounds.

I grew up playing flash games on the website as a young kid, yet it wouldn't be until 2018 that I make my account.

On the 17th of July 2018, I touched FL Studio for the first time. I was on holidays without any wifi and only had a bunch of previously downloaded tutorials.

2 days later, I post my very first song called "Hypercymatics". It was bad, real bad. An incoherent mess of cymatics loop with no structure whatsoever. Yet it's where it all started.

Overtime, I started improving, posting various songs and remixes. It was paying off :

  • August 31st 2019 : Only a year later, BOOM ! 100 fans
  • June 25th 2020 : After two years, BOOM ! 200 fans
  • July 12th 2020 : My music is usable in Geometry Dash.
  • September 10th 2021 : After a bit over three years (time sure flies ahah), I unexpectedly hit 300 fans

Not only that, but I got noticed by some people who seemed out of reach when I was younger, like TMM43 (Classic NG producer) and Krinkels (the Madness animation guy).

I met many amazing people, some of whom I became good friends with. I learnt a lot and gained a little bit of self confidence.

I really want to thank you all for your support over the years. Specially the ones who have stuck with me since the beginning of this little adventure. It really means a lot to me.

Now, I'd like to talk about my goals in the website for 2022 :

  • First of all, I would like to reach 400 fans on Newgrounds. This is going to be hard, but sometimes you need to set yourself high objectives. It would also be pretty cool to be noticed by our lord and saviour Tom Fulp
  • Learn new genres, like Complextro, Future Bounce, Melodic Dubstep, Speedcore...
  • Join a couple of Newgrounds events (NGUAC, NGADM, AIM...), host a remix contest and potentially organise a megacollab (an idea I've had for a while)
  • Work on a few collaborative projects, a solo EP, finish a bunch of my tracks, start posting on Spotify, work on my sideproject (DarenX, where I'll rework some of my old abandonned projects)...

As a closing statement, I would like to encourage you to give music production a try if you're interested in it. It's much more straightforward to learn than it seems. I'm not very talented, but I've finally found something I would like to do professionally if I ever have the occasion (along with digital drawing, but it's much harder for me to learn).

And if you already make music, there's a Discord server for Newgrounds artists :)

I hope you have a great day, huge thanks to @Astedroid, @TrickshotMusic, @Froej, @theRUD, @Fumijena and @MestrixMusic for being amazing friends.




I know you will reach 400 fans, every year it increases 100 fans, and it may even be more :)

It gets slower as time goes on, most of the active peeps in the audio community akready know me at this point :)

awesome! good luck to you ^-^

Thanks, I'll need it !

I hope i become your next amazing friend, and cool plans. I wish great luck for you.

Thank you very much, best of luck to you too !

You too, it has been awesome to know you!

You're the first producer I met ^^

Thank you, good luck in 2022 :D

Will need it c:

Can't wait to see how you and your music evolve! remember to have fun tho haha! let's make 2022 a great productive year ! :D

Ngl but I'm excited about your future remix contest and mega collab

Just need a vocalist for the remix contest ^^